Experienced Creative Strategist

26 Jan 22 Jonathan Malyon


“The most creative people are willing to work in the shadow of uncertainty.”

We need a brilliant, unorthodox mind to join our team of creative misfits and adventurers. Someone who’s at home with the unknown, and keen to work right at the raw heart of an award-winning creative agency.

Why ‘creative’ strategist?

The phrase ‘creative strategist’ winds some people up. We get it.

Look, we’re not a huge agency. We hire for genuine talent not volume. As a Tilt strategist, you’ll be deeply embedded into our small and feisty creative teams (including design, development, motion, film, interactive and more), not tucked away in an ivory tower. Sometimes you’ll need to pull your sleeves up and do some of the doing.

But, mainly you’ll use your creative brain, analytical thinking and nose for a great idea to strategically develop world-class work for international clients.

What does Tilt do?

We don’t work on fluff. We take on big, challenging projects that make a positive impact, whether we’re using digital design, film and psychology to help reduce global drink driving rates alongside the UN, transforming learning culture for one of the world’s largest organisations, or explaining complex ideas in fun, bite-sized chunks for the BBC.

So, if you’re happy applying your beautiful brain to selling more sugar water at McGinty, Buttock & Smith, this probably isn’t the role for you.

On the other hand, if you like being given the freedom to flex the full scope of your creative and analytical powers in the pursuit of something glorious, then we’re all ears.

Strategy chops. You:

  • Can plan, run and interpret the results of research activities. This could range from a few guerrilla user interviews, through to extensive data analysis.
  • Get a kick out of running a workshop.
  • Are very familiar with a diverse range of research techniques (your career path may even have involved a little time as a UX, researcher or content strategist).
  • Get excited by data-driven insights, but know that more data doesn’t always mean better insights.
  • Know how to come up with hypotheses, set measurable targets and track results.
  • Love the art (and buzz) of proposal/pitch work.
  • Understand digital project workflow. However, you also know that there’s no single correct way to run a project.
  • Are VERY content, story and experience focused. In fact, you may have spent time in film, TV, advertising, animation, marketing or even the gaming industries.
  • Are happy to spend lots of time with clients, guiding them on the journey to great results. From early workshopping through to ongoing engagement strategies.
  • Have worked with big organisations and on complex projects.
  • Can grasp client markets, businesses and systems at pace – across different sectors, industries and geographies. You have a knack for simplifying the complex. And you jump into new topics with the hunger of a wolf.
  • Can knock up a pretty decent wireframe to help designers on occasion. You know your IA from your UI.
  • Might have some experience working with education or learning design, though this is by no means essential. In fact, if you have, we expect you to be frustrated at the lack of imagination in those industries, but brimming with optimism about how things can change for the better.
  • Know that there is no single correct way to “do strategy.”
  • Create beautifully simple, compelling and inspirational strategies that you can build award-winning, life-changing work around.

Personal qualities. You:

  • Love what you do. Seriously, we can tell.
  • Empathise. In the look at world from other viewpoints, understand an audience, and use your mindset-shifting powers to create better work sense of the word.
  • Are brave. You’re happy to keep pushing clients further than they expected. In fact, you probably get a thrill out of ferociously defending an idea. (Side note: a “ferocious defence” does not necessarily mean arguing. There are many different ways to persuade and defend.)
  • Can sell an idea verbally. There is a performative element to strategy.
  • Find the perfect words to express ideas in writing. Words are magic.
  • Know how to tell a good story. Scriptwriting or general copywriting experience a big plus.
  • Have a good aesthetic sensibility. You know great design when you see it.
  • Are stupidly interested in…everything. You get excited by new shit, but don’t always fall for the latest fads.
  • Are fascinated about how the brain works and human behaviour.
  • Can handle challenging stakeholders with grace, style and panache.
  • Collaborate well. Can get on with things alone.
  • Believe that there’s no such thing as a dull brief.

You’re not:

  • A Vulcan. We need heart as much as head. Instinct as much as research.
  • Surface. You think a lot about how and why something works.
  • Standard issue. We like individuals and misfits. That doesn’t mean you have to be loud and wacky – just that you’re happy being yourself.
  • A monster. We are nice people who do great work. Egomaniacs need not apply.

Look, we could go on.

But, if the above sounds like you, then that means you’re a rare breed indeed, and we would love to hear from you.

By joining the team at Tilt you also benefit from:

  • Hybrid working (choose between studio and remote on a daily basis)
  • A shiny new Macbook Pro – yours to keep *
  • A personal development fund
  • Corporate health care plan
  • F45 Membership
  • Cycle to Work Scheme
  • Tech scheme
  • Monthly Massage Therapist
  • Fresh fruit, cheesy Tuesday and Beer o clock Friday
  • ‘Learning Lunches’ on non work topics
  • Discretionary additional leave over Christmas
  • Awesome parties
  • Free tickets to our brilliant Tilt Talks

    * subject to successful 3 months probation.

Salary: The conversation starts at a minimum of £60,000. Open to discussion based on experience.

Deadline: There is no deadline. This quest shall take as long as it takes.

Apply at: https://apply.workable.com/we-are-tilt/j/6BA3B61812/