How do you make a film under Covid-19?

12 Jun 20 Dan Evans


Like any digitally focussed business, Tilt have considered themselves very fortunate over the last few months. During the pandemic, our core capability allowed us to rapidly adapt from busy studio-life to fully-operational-from-home, and we did so in just 36hrs! For filmmaking however, (my particular area of digital) it was a rather different story.

Like production staff around the world, our scheduled shoots were put on indefinite hold, and we had to find inventive ways of filmmaking in the absence of a physical shoot. I wrote this post about it.

But what about filmmaking with a shoot? Proper production. The filmmaking that we all signed up to as production creatives. As the world gains a better understanding of Covid-19 and respected and trusted guidelines begin to appear, it‘s something my team have been particularly focused on; Something that for obvious reasons we need to take very seriously, and make sure we get right.

Our first real shoot since the lock-down was a brand film for artist Lois O’Hara. We saw this as the prefect opportunity to practice and gain proficiency in our new safety procedures. We followed The APA Covid-19 Shooting Guidelines which were the most comprehensive at the time, but we’re always keeping up-to-date with the latest advice.

Rather than simply telling people, we thought we’d show people how we did it. So we made a short…ish film to document the process. I hope it’s useful to filmmakers and their clients alike as the film world emerges in slow motion – like cautious butterflies from their Covid cocoons.

Big thanks to Promotion Hire for sharing their procedures with us, and for lending us some incredible kit – including the amazing 8K RED Monstro – possibly the best camera in the world – coupled with beautiful Canon Sumire glass.

We’ll share the film we’re making for Lois once it’s released.

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