Leadership Essentials



The Brief

How can we cut through and demystify a sea of conflicting leadership theory to support and drive engagement around a new centralised leadership framework across 5 separate businesses?

The Solution

Adopt a distinctive visual style that demands attention, use the power of motion graphics to tell stories around leadership principles and how these relate to the Smiths Group as a whole. Slow release this content over time to keep it front of mind, pairing the animations with key leadership advice and guidance.


The Smiths Group is made up of a series of highly specialised businesses, each with its own unique way of managing talent and developing people. The Group wanted to centralise and simplify their leadership strategy.

Our Approach

We identified the key leadership skills that the new strategy was looking to develop, then brought them to life via bite-sized animated content, using a distinct visual aesthetic that helped spark interest and aid recall. These were supported by highly stylized web pages and downloadable PDFs, providing more in-depth advice and guidance.

Smiths Leaderrship

Campaign Based Learning

Adopting a campaign based approach, we chose to deliver one key skill per month, helping leaders across the Group to begin building a library of content that they can draw upon. Spreading the deliverables over the course of 12 months, keeping the new strategy in front of mind over a sustained period of time – helping to change behaviours and habits.


I wanted to personally thank you for helping to bring our vision to life.

The assets are fantastic, helping us to provide grass roots knowledge to the team in a memorable and highly engaging way.

Mark Penny Head of Leadership Development