Lockdown Laps 2.0

11 Jan 21 Jonathan Malyon


Energising the body and mind this lockdown ... and doing a little good in the process.

Following on from the success of our Lockdown Laps initiative last November, the team set off on their next challenge ... because it wouldn't be a lockdown without it.

The Challenge
Each week we will run, walk, ride and swim our favourite local outdoor routes and log them using Strava to achieve our weekly activity total.

At the end of each week, the total miles are converted to equivalent £s and 50% of the total is donated to Fareshare Sussex. The remaining 50% is then donated to a separate charity; nominated by the team member who wins that weeks challenge.

Help us create a positive impact through FareShare Sussex by supporting our fundraising efforts and helping us meet our 1500 miles / £1500 target.

Keep an eye on our weekly efforts here:

Why FareShare Sussex?
We have a great relationship with the team at FareShare Sussex. Hundreds of thousands of tonnes of good food is wasted by the UK food industry every year. At the same time, millions of people are struggling to afford to eat.

This crisis has now been amplified by the Covid-19 pandemic, and so we want to do a little more to help change this and create a positive impact.

Your donation will help us make a positive impact through FareShare Sussex.


Despite more rain being forecast, we were actually blessed with some beautiful winter sunshine this week. This glorious golden orb in the sky kicked the team into overdrive and saw us deliver a weekly team personal best of 291 miles!

This weeks challenge was ‘total time’, and permalancer Rich Cookson took to his local hills to take home victory, being active for over 8 hours.

The total pot of £291 is split between our nominated charity FareShare Sussex and Shelter, as nominated by Rich Cookson;

Lockdown Laps


Despite apocalyptic levels or frost, rain and mud the team got off to a flying start this week, with a whopping 248 miles logged. The weekly average needed in order to achieve our target is 214 miles per week … so a strong start.

This weeks challenge of ‘total local distance’, was claimed by James Schock who mountain biked and trail ran his way to victory across the icy Scottish highlands. Competition was fierce with Ivor Sims hot on hit heals all week long, but alas … his new riding gloves just did not give him the edge he needed.

The total pot is £248, with £174 donated FareShare Sussex and the other 50% being donated to Trees for Life as nominated by James.

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