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The Brief

How can you move people to really understand Alzheimer’s Disease, see the life-saving importance of drug development, and motivate them to donate?

The Big Idea

Bring a dementia research lab to life. Help people understand through interaction. Pack an emotional punch by personalising the experience.

What we did

We developed the Lab, an experiential site that takes users on a journey through the drug development process. The Lab opens with an emotive question: “What if you couldn’t remember your family and friends?”. The challenge then was how to create informative and interactive content that was bold enough to get people talking and practical enough to drive donations.

If logged in through Facebook, users can see a photo album filled with pictures of their own friends. This reminds people of the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s and reinforces the need to invest in research.

The piece ends with a call to action to donate. The Lab gained national press coverage and won the Association of Medical Research Charities’ Science Communication Award.

“Tilt created a sleek and engaging website, which really brought our ideas to life. Their creative thinking presented us with ideas and functionality beyond our expectations that worked superbly in making the Lab a captivating and interactive experience for visitors.”

Laura Phipps, Science Communications Manager

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