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How can a bank communicate their values in a way that grips an audience?

Employee communications are often uninspiring. But Barclays needed something vivid and compelling that would communicate their corporate values to new joiners. In particular they wanted all employees to appreciate the importance of integrity to their work at Barclays.

Our challenge was to help new joiners understand the company’s history and the changes that had followed and to encourage discussions about workplace situations that might compromise one’s integrity.

Solution (Motion)

We created a hard-hitting motion graphics movie that begins with a blunt assessment of the Libor case and gradually lifts towards an optimistic look at the future. This film is played on large-screen TVs, without introduction, to new joiners during on-boarding workshops. We made the film deliberately powerful so that viewers are struck by the gravity of the situation and pay attention to the messages that follow.

The motion piece was a blend of 3D and 2D motion. A dramatic change in tone in the middle of the film highlights the shift from past mistakes to future goals. This approach served to divide the content and drive home the emotional significance of the messages.

Components of this project include:

  • Employee communications
  • Scriptwriting
  • Motion graphics

Solution (Film)

The motion film is used as a learning resource. After watching the film, the audience splits into two groups and watches a series of workplace scenario based films that challenge personal integrity. A key challenge was producing films that are never patronising but which illuminate difficult issues.

Recognising that live dialogue could easily distract viewers or feel amateur, we chose to feature the character’s internal monologue as the actor demonstrated the scenario. This allowed us to focus on beautiful cinematography and achieve high production values.

RED Epic cameras helped us create beautiful films with high production values, which in turn give the films greater credence and help Barclays deliver their messages.

Octocopters Rock

The use of drones has been making in-roads into the film industry recently, as the cost of the technology comes down. Tilt have been quick to embrace the awesome possibilities that are opening up in this field. We love drones because of the ability to move from low level close up, to soaring aerial vista in a single take – which is exactly what we did for this project and for the finale of our Discover Another Way film for the South Downs National Park.

The challenge for us has been to produce quality footage that will stand up against our terrestrial based shots, where camera weight is not an issue. This is where eight blades are better than four. It gives us the ability to launch 4k digital cinema cameras with interchangable lenses, mounted on a gimbal for remote angle control and very few shakes. Octocopters rock!

Feedback from Barclays

These films have been well received continue to feature at welcome events 18 months after their creation. They have led to further film and motion graphics commissions from Barclays.

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