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The Brief

Moving into a leadership role for the first time is exciting, but it also brings with it a set of unexpected pressures. How do you manage this?

The Big Idea

How do you tackle the issue of ‘leadership’ in just a single portal? Pair emotional, engaging content with direct, practical information.

What we did

Through workshops and guided sessions, we mapped out the key messages that BP wanted to communicate through the portal. Organising the IA into three categories that would make sense to a new leader - Becoming a Leader, Managing Yourself and Managing your Team.

The next step was to conceptualise ways to bring all of the material and ideas to life. Applying the underpinning logic of ‘you can’t bore people into learning’, we divided content into three main types: Practical tips (text copy and stylised infosheets), Guidance and advice (films and stories) and Concept content (animations and interactive graphics). We then applied a little 'surprise and delight'.


Among other things, we created:

FLL Stories: Films shot at BP locations around the world; each designed to bring to life a challenge commonly faced by new leaders. See our case study.

Leadership Mistakes: Short, humorous 3D motion graphics that summarise the eight most common leadership mistakes in 20 seconds or less.

Interactive ‘infosheets’: Designed to deliver practical content in appealing, easy-to-absorb ways, often supported by beautiful illustrations and interactive graphics.

RADA Scenarios: Ten films featuring actors from the RADA In Business team. Each film illustrates a leadership scenario in a quirky, real-world vignette.


BP also wanted to develop an app to complement the portal; a ‘survival toolkit’ with lots of practical leadership tips and feedback. Swedish agency Monterosa worked on the front-end development, based on design language and style guides produced by Tilt. We then developed the API and backend logic that powered the application, and worked on portal integration.

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