Legacy - Steve Jobs

Strategy | Motion | 3D | Film

The Brief

BP asked us to create a powerful, emotive film for their Global Leadership event, all about building a lasting legacy. But what kind of story could inspire BP’s top 500 leaders?

The Big Idea

Bring the story of an iconic business figure to life. Use motion graphics to create an epic storybook feel, and use film to add direct, personal insights from BP leaders.

What we did

Leadership is about dealing with setbacks as much as it is about success. Initially we created a series of films featuring iconic leaders from around the world. But we then decided to focus solely on Steve Jobs because his personality, leadership style and rollercoaster ride to the top have all the ingredients for a compelling story.

We blended together 2D, 3D and live action film to tell the story of Steve Job’s legacy, interspersed with BP leaders sharing their views on what makes a great leader. The film created a buzz during the event, and has been viewed many times within BP as an example for leaders, new and old.

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