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Moments of Wonder
Reuters Plus

The Brief

How can we ignite interest amongst Reuters’ influential and affluent audience and entice them to consider the Maasai Mara as their next travel destination?

The Big Idea

Tell the story of the Maasai Mara ecosystem through the lens of the great migration. Highlight key migrational moments and tie them back to the Maasai culture, demonstrating how they equate to transformational experiences for the traveller.

Our Approach

We identified a series of ‘Moments of Wonder’ sparked by the Eighth Wonder of the World: The Great Migration. A key focus of these moments is the interaction between the Maasai people and the world around them. Understanding them. Learning from them. Walking in their sandals.

The Moments of Wonder
The Beginning Sense the anticipation of the journey
The Plunge  Live the rush of a do-or-die decision
The Arrival Feel the excitement of coming home
The Conflict Strike the balance between old and new
The Feast Thrill to the joy of tribal celebration

A rich mix of articles, documentary videos, beautiful imagery and listicles; each highlighting the interconnected ecosystem that exists between the Maasai people and the great migration.

Innovative web techniques were used to help immerse the viewer in the world of the Maasai mara. 

Whilst we were creating the site, the Reuters Plus team were out in the Massai Mara filming a three part documentary series. Our strategy and concept was shared with this team, so that they could capture the relevant footage, imagery and interview the right people in support of the site.

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