BIMA 2015 Nominee


History Timeline

Strategy | Design | Dev | Motion

The Brief

Convey Sainsbury’s prestigious history in a way that excites and engages people way beyond the usual flat and lifeless company timelines.

The Big Idea

Flip the static corporate timeline on its head and take people on a journey through time via a user-controlled 3D perspective interface.

What we did

Motion graphic treatment was an obvious choice for this project, but we wanted to let users control the flow of the story. So we used HTML, JavaScript and CSS to create an interactive animation so users can scroll through Sainsbury’s history via 3D front-on perspective. We set this against a backdrop of moments in British history, really bringing the piece to life.

We created a unique iterative loader to deliver a smooth experience to all users regardless of device or bandwidth. Finally, our modular approach to the timeline build makes it easy to embed on other sites.

Sainbury's Cars
“We are really happy with the result and it has been getting great feedback internally. I am so pleased with the work you have produced, it would be really great if you were able to work with other teams in Sainsbury’s as well as L&D.”

Joe Kelly Behavioural Specialist in Learning & Development

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