South Downs
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Strategy | Film | Motion | 3D

The Brief

How can you encourage people to take public transport to the beautiful South Downs National Park, and even make them excited to do so?

The Big Idea

Merge film and motion graphics to create a magical experience that brings an entire journey to the South Downs to life through the eyes of a child.

What we did

We developed a mixed media film that follows the journey into the South Downs from the wide-eyed perspective of a child. In addition to 3D animation elements we used RED Epic cameras to add big-screen production values, a drone-mounted camera to deliver a dramatic aerial shot of the South Downs, and original music to create a wistful mood.

The client was delighted with the film and we have since been commissioned to produce other projects for South Downs National Park. The film has been viewed more than 25,000 times since launch – far exceeding expectations.

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