A Support Net

Open University


The Brief

How do you help dispel the stigma around mental health disorders, encourage positive change in behaviour and help steer people towards relevant OU courses.

The Solution

Help users understand the debilitating effect that mental health disorders can have on people's lives. Highlight the impact (both positive and negative) that you can have on their lives through the support you offer.


Our Approach

Mental ill health affects an estimated 1 in 4 people at some point in their lives, but with the ongoing stigma and often disparate views about how best to support people with mental health problems, individuals can still suffer alone in silence.

Working with Elucidat, we created ‘A Support Net’, a film based decision tree interactive experience that asks users to intervene into the lives of four people suffering from different mental health disorders, with the challenge of improving the sufferer’s circumstances.

Conversations are controlled through periodic multiple choice screens and provide real-time feedback to users enabling them to gauge the impact of their choices, positive or negative, as they progress through the experience.

The films were shot to make the user feel part of the conversation. This triggers an emotional connection with the sufferer’s circumstance.

Open University - A Support Net
Open University - A Support Net


10,930 total no. of learners to date (launched Sept 17), which has exceeded expectations by over 50%

Over 25% of learners enrolled in free associated courses after using the interactive tool

Number of learners enrolling for paid course was 200% higher than client target

We have been delighted with the innovation, proficiency and enthusiasm shown throughout this project. The team displayed a great working knowledge of the sensitive subject areas raised, approaching these in a responsible way. The end result is a beautifully shot, thought-provoking and immersive interactive experience.

Georgia Axtell-Powell Online Project Producer (OpenLearn)