Along the Frontline

03 Jul 20 Admin


How can we create a ‘virtual booth’ experience that attracts conference attendees and inspires them to take action?

The International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2020) is the biggest conference in the HIV sector and takes place every two years. This year, the conference was held online amid the pandemic. Frontline Aids needed to create an interactive ‘virtual’ booth that would signpost the content they’d created for the conference physically. It needed to be a welcoming space where people could meet the team and activists on the frontline of AIDs, find helpful resources and sign up to help continue the fight against HIV and AIDs. We were naturally delighted when they approached Tilt and asked us what the ‘art of the possible’ was, in order to help achieve this goal.

We thrive on a good challenge, so kicked the ‘hive mind’ into gear and began brainstorming a few ideas.

Our approach was simple:

The frontline of AIDS isn’t one approach, it isn’t one group of people and it certainly isn’t one place. We know that the frontline is global and far-reaching, so wanted to lean on this idea when bringing the virtual booth concept to life, taking people on an interactive, digital exploration, Along the Frontline.

Whilst we knew many of the conference attendees were going to discuss technical and research-based ideas, we wanted to create a vibrant, inclusive experience that had a life beyond AIDS 2020. It just so happens that the Frontline Aids brand lends itself well to creating bold, colourful, stand-out experiences, so we leant on that to create something that stands apart from the crowd.

We used Three.js to create a scroll-triggered 3D journey Along the Frontline. This brings to life three different locations that form the frontline of the world’s response to HIV and AIDS; a clinic in India, a courthouse protest in the Caribbean and a rural village in the heart of Africa.

Each of these interactive locations brought together a raft of different content types, from stories and videos to blog posts and reports. We brought the core message to the fore by linking each location’s content to one aspect of the core message; SUSTAIN, ADAPT and PROTECT. This specifically draws attention to issues that others would try to sweep under the carpet, reflecting Frontline AID’s rebellious attitude. All designed to engage and inform the virtual conference attendees.

Take a journey Along the Frontline of AIDS.