Chop It Like It’s Hot this B Corp Month

23 Feb 24 Rachel Pearson


B Corp month is just around the corner. This year we wanted to put on a celebration that focused on something near and dear to all Tilters hearts.


We love it, all of it. We have strong opinions that frequently cause debate on our internal Slack channels and we have cheesy Tuesdays that stink the whole studio out. But our B Corp event speaks to a specific area of food that we are all united on. Sustainability.

On the 27th of March we co-hosted a collaborative event with fellow B Corp, Redroaster/Lucky Khao, with their wonderful chef Britt. Joining the fun was YouTube chef, Max Burns. All in aid of raising awareness of the B Corporation  movement.

You can watch our film and Max’s own YouTube video of the event below!

B Corp Month Event

12-16 year olds joined us at the Brighton and Hove Food Partnership Community Kitchen and were taught how to cook two sustainable, seasonal and locally sources dishes.

Max and Britt taught the kids about making sustainable food choices and how they can impact the world around them. These young food buyers and consumers of tomorrow left feeling excited and more informed about making healthier, more sustainable food choices.

Our film team captured the event to spread the lessons learnt far and wide and share what it means to be a B Corp during this really exciting and special month.

Change doesn’t happen with more of the same and our kids will be the intelligent consumers of the future. Let’s make sure they understand the impact of the choices they make on our supply chains and what seasonal foods can do for our health.

Check out Max’s vLog here.

We have lofty goals but why aim for anything else?

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