Care to Change

University of Chichester


The Brief

How can we encourage people thinking about changing careers to consider a role in Health & Social care?

The Solution

Create a microsite that speaks to people considering a career change and those who have the core values required for a successful career within Health & Social Care. Highlight the positive impact you can have on peoples' lives and demystify the application requirements.


Our Approach

Through extensive research, we unearthed a fundamental truth. One that helped shape the final solution – health and social care workers are compassionate, empathetic and people-centric; they put their duty of care to their patients above everything else. Skills can be learnt, however, a person’s values are intrinsic.

Our approach was to emphasise these underlying values rather than just summarise them and overwhelm the audience with information.
With this in mind, we created an experience that helped our potential career changers:

  • Understand the values of the sector and the opportunities available in the health and social care sectors.
  • Become inspired by these opportunities.
  • Discover useful information about the various career pathways.
  • Change their perceptions about careers in the sector.

Health & Social Care

Hidden Meanings

We also took a design decision very early on to adopt an illustrative approach to the solution as a means to differentiate the site from a sea of other NHS-based content online.
If used correctly, illustration can be more impactful than stock photography because it can trigger an emotional response, whilst also communicating a deeper meaning.
The illustrations we used on the microsite successfully reinforce the values of the health and social care sector and encourage the further discovery of the various roles.

Tilt demonstrated huge commitment and professionalism, going the extra mile to provide a product that exceeded our expectations. Their willingness to learn and their high level of collaboration was impressive.

Tilt has made funded partnership working and collaboration a joy and ultimately our patients and clients of the health and social care services will benefit.

Romy Jones Director of Strategic Development