Clean Diesel

Jaguar Land Rover


The Brief

How do you help Jaguar Land Rover owners better understand and look after their diesel engine?

The Solution

Shine a light on the key features an owner needs to be aware of in a light-hearted, easy to understand and fun way. Use the beauty of motion graphics to create a wonderfully tactile and memorable insight into the inner workings of a cars engine.


Our Approach

Diesel cars have had some bad press in the last couple of years, but they are a lot cleaner than they used to be, and can be cleaner than petrol cars. They have other advantages, such as increased miles per gallon, but many diesel owners don’t know how to get the best out of their cars to make them as efficient and as clean as possible.

Whilst diesel cars have had some bad press of late, modern diesels are a lot cleaner than they used to be with a couple of technological features that dramatically reduce the engines environmental impact – the Diesel Particle Filter (DPF) and the Diesel Engine Fluid (DEF).

In order to capitalise on these features customers need to follow a few simple steps when driving their cars, however research suggest that most owners are unaware of how best to look after their car engine. Simple tricks like driving at over 37mph for 20 mins can clean the filter, and ensuring the DEF is topped up with AdBlue will help save both your car and the environment.

With a predominately non-technical audience, Jaguar Land Rover wanted a short animation that would communicate these steps in a friendly, accessible and engaging way. The simple message being … ignore the warning lights at your peril.

We wanted to take viewers on an educational and experiential journey through an abstract pseudo- mechanical world which reflects what happens ‘under the hood’ of your Jaguar Land Rover, and how we keep a car happy and the environment safe.

The two key areas of focus – DEF and DPF were brought to life with intriguing animated 3D objects and mechanics and emoji style particles that introduce character and identity – happy particles appearing clean and clear after the process has been completed.

We aimed to execute a 3D rendering style that is colourful, tactile, fun, and adorable with creatively imagined machines, systems and processes, which we are confident we’ve achieved.

Jaguar Land Rover