Creating the Opportunities to Rise



The Brief

Barclays needed to communicate their new purpose to all new joiners at their induction events, ensuring that they leave feeling inspired to make a difference. Inspire customer service agents to go above and beyond and the results will follow.

The Solution

Create a suite of cinematic films with a strong emotional hook. Let real customer stories promote Barclays, rather than the bank patting themselves on the back. Help viewers connect through the power of great storytelling.


Our Approach

Incredibly, half of UK adults are a Barclays customer or client. The bank seems almost a part of the fabric of the UK. To safeguard their enviable position, they have adopted a strategy of technological innovation and building deeper relationships with their existing customer base, to counter competition in an ever changing landscape.

Underpinning their customer strategy is their new Purpose – ‘Creating Opportunities to Rise’ (C.O.T.R) – look after your customers and help them to rise up and meet their own challenges. Ultimately delighting customers through every interaction makes Barclays colleagues central to their success.

Tell powerful authentic stories of exceptional service from real customers, whilst shining a light on how the everyday decisions of colleagues around the UK can have a big effect on their customers and communities. Ultimately Inspire customer loyalty and drive career fulfillment, while at the same time being good for the bank’s business.


Winner of a silver dolphin at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV awards.

After each induction event, Barclays carry out routine exit poll surveys, with employees asked to rate the content and the experience.

  • The C.O.T.R films have been so well received they have transcended their original purpose and are now on display in the main reception at Barclays HQ in Canary Wharf.
  • Tilt’s films scored an average of 8.86 out of 10, with many individuals actually providing 10/10 ratings.

  • This is the highest exit poll scores for content they have ever received at these events.
  • The films will also be used by the marketing team to highlight Barclays commitment to customer service for its customers.
  • Intended reach = 300 views per month / Actual reach = 100,000+ views per month.

We showed these films at an event yesterday and they were received exceptionally well. Many people present struggled to hide the emotional impact that they had on them. Very powerful!