Creative (Un)Learning Designer

23 Mar 23 Jonathan Malyon


“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.”
Katherine Hepburn

So, let’s just get this out of the way: at Tilt we have some issues with the traditional learning industry.

Maybe you do too?

Perhaps you occasionally find yourself staring into the distance…muttering something uncharitable about a learning needs analysis.

Or maybe you feel your creativity – your appetite to solve real problems for real people – is sometimes stifled by next buttons and completion rates.

And you definitely know that the answer to every learning challenge is not always another course.

And yet…

You’re still excited about the possibilities that learning offers.

You’re fascinated by how the brain works, about how people learn, what learning even means in the digital era…

You care about craft, storytelling, experience design, emerging technologies like AI…

You might even have creative experience beyond the learning industries, whether in UX, journalism, design, film, writing or…something else.

In short you’re an endlessly creative and curious person looking to make a positive impact on the world. Interested? Click here to apply or read on for more info.

So, why “unlearning”?

We make learning that doesn’t look like learning. Un-learning, if you like.

We imagine, create, build and deliver things that solve proper problems for real people. We use our hefty research and strategy brains to get to the core of a problem…

We then draw on everything from filmmaking and immersive storytelling to AI and interactive design to create emotionally captivating, award-winning experiences.

From global campaigns to reduce drink driving, to helping people understand the science of love, with clients from the BBC and South Downs National Park, to Diageo and Deloitte.

So who are we looking for?

You. You’re brilliant at:

  • Ideas. Taking a loose jumble of thoughts from a brief or conversation and turning them into something inspirational.
  • Words. From persuading a client in a pitch deck, to scripting a motion graphic, you’ll be amazing with words.
  • Learning. You know the learning space well. You speak the language. You know your way around a set of learning objectives.
  • Clients. You’re happy leading client calls, running workshops, and generally guiding people on a journey through the unknown.
  • Research. Finding crumbs of insight, whether through data analysis, user research… or whatever method you prefer.
  • Digital. You don’t need to be a coder…but you know enough about digital processes and potential to be usefully dangerous.
  • Strategy. Using crumbs of insight you get from stakeholders, users and other sources to make clear, inspiring recommendations.
  • User experience. You always think human-centred design, and you can demonstrate this.
  • Collaborating. Our team includes coders, strategists, producers, designers, illustrators, project managers, animators, filmmakers, writers and more. It takes a flexible mind to work with them all.
  • Design. You don’t have to be a graphic designer, but you do have a keen visual eye. You certainly understand structure and flow.
  • Content-smart. You will be brilliant with content, able to map out an experience using words, images, ideas and interactions.
  • Synthesising. You can grasp client briefs, audiences, markets, businesses and systems at pace – across different sectors, industries and geographies. You have a knack for simplifying the complex.
  • People. How they work, what they respond to, how to get the best out of them.
  • Bravery. You’re happy to keep pushing clients further than they expected.

You’re not:

  • Surface. You think a lot about how and why something works.
  • Standard issue. We like individuals and misfits. That doesn’t mean you have to be loud and wacky – just that you’re happy being yourself.
  • A monster. We are nice people who do great work. Egomaniacs need not apply.

What will you get from us?

You’ll work with creatives, strategists, coders and assorted genii to create award-winning, category-defying work. You’ll also get:

£52,500 – £62,500 dependant upon experience.

How we help you to thrive …

  • Personal Development & Conference budgets
  • F45 Gym Membership
  • Sustainable Pension Scheme
  • Corporate Healthcare & cash-back scheme
  • Enhanced maternity / paternity leave
  • Charity fundraising donation matching
  • Access to Independent Financial Advisor
  • Hybrid working
  • Cycle to Work scheme
  • Tech Scheme
  • Monthly Massage & Wellbeing Therapist
  • Learning Lunches

So, if the above sounds like you please send your CV and a very short summary of what “learning” means to you. Click here to apply. 

Up for the challenge?