A destination, not an obligation

29 Mar 21 Jonathan Malyon


As we emerge from our Covid shaped cocoons, we are reinventing how we use the Tilt studio, shifting to a destination for collaboration, idea generation and social interaction.

The days of cramming everyone into an office have passed. The future of work is upon us, and we are embracing a new, and hopefully, improved version of the Tilt studio – blending the benefits of remote working with the advantages of a collaborative physical environment.

Inspired by Aaron Taylor Harvey writing in Creative Review about “why the modern office needs to be a destination, not an obligation”, we are taking a similar approach.

The message to the team is a simple one.

“Work where you believe yourself, your team, and your project will see the most benefit. You are now empowered with choice.”

Working remotely
For some, working remotely will allow the team to remove themselves from the hubbub of the busy studio environment, facilitating focus and flow states, free from interruption.

Using the studio
Studio use is encouraged as a space for F2F collaboration, idea generation, and social interaction. A central hub that oozes fun, creativity, and shines a light on Tilt culture. By using the studio in this way, it becomes a destination, not an obligation.

The studio doors open on April 12th for eight people per day. I, for one, can’t wait to see some familiar faces, and indeed a few new ones.