Digital Impact Awards 2022

21 Oct 22 Jonathan Malyon


3 Golds and winner of the Grand Prix prize for digital campaign of the year for our work with Diageo ... good times and high fives!

Smashed Online is a life-changing experience designed to shift attitudes and understanding around alcohol for millions of young people, worldwide. Designed to reach 11-13 year olds at the point in their lives where alcohol may not yet be present, but the pressures to start experimenting are not too far around the corner.

Diageo’s goal is to reach 10 million people by 2030 across 30 countries. Since launch in late 2021 its reached over 750,000 people worldwide, live in over 25 countries and currently 95% of young people surveyed said they’re less likely to drink underage after experiencing Smashed Online.

Now that’s impact in action … it would appear that the judges at the Digital Impact Awards agreed.

In a evening of much celebration the judges awarded the project:

  • GOLD for Best use of digital to aid a CSR campaign
  • GOLD for Best use of digital from the food and beverage sector
  • GOLD for Best use of online video

We were also utterly blown away when our hosts announced that we had also scooped the Digital Impact Awards Grand Prix!- Digital Campaign of The Year.

You can see what all the fuss is about here:

As the saying goes, ‘good things come in threes’ – which is perhaps why this epic collaboration between Diageo, Collingwood Learning and ourselves has led to a project that is genuinely out there changing lives for the better.

This is a great purposeful programme. It changed the lives of a lot of people globally and made some real changes. I felt the creative team really understood the target audience and the way it interacts with digital. A standout piece of work.

Digital Impact Awards Judge