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The Brief

Graduates were inducted into Deloitte through a series of theory & practical face-to-face sessions. Whilst comprehensive, they often occurred within a new joiner’s first month, with no support before their 1st day or after these events.

The Solution

Provide personalised, bite-sized and emotionally engaging content using a design language that the young audience can connect with. Available from contract offer, accessible at the point of need, and designed for support and guidance, the experience sets new joiners up for success by removing critical barriers to use.

Discover Deloitte


Prior to the launch of Discover Deloitte, Brightstarts and graduates were inducted into Deloitte through face-to-face sessions. These were expensive, and the ‘deluge’ of information was rarely retained, or properly transferred to the work environment.

Feedback from their 2017 cohort indicated that new joiners were overwhelmed by the amount of paper-based content given to them during induction. They also needed guidance in understanding their role, and support through their apprenticeships and qualification pathways.

Deloitte commissioned Tilt to use the power of digital to bring onboarding to life, and meet the following objectives:

  • Set Brightstarts & Graduates up for success at Deloitte.
  • Bridge the ‘onboarding gap’ from job offer to the 90 day mark at the firm and beyond
  • Reduce time to competence in role
  • Reduce the financial burden on the business by reducing the hours spent on classroom based training
  • Promote overall employee well-being.


User research helped shape the overall solution. We built a user persona (Alice), that mapped all concerns and requirements from user interviews, then developed a solution from them.

The strategy was implemented by:

  • Using design approaches that reflect the behaviour of a younger audience
  • ‘User stories’ to create a backlog of desired functionality and content
  • Rapid design prototypes that could be sent to stakeholders and ‘road tested’ for suitability

  • Bespoke content that adapts to service line.


The project reached its target audience through:

  • First-person accounts from recent joiners of similar ages
  • A dynamic 60 second trailer showcased throughout the business
  • Organic word of mouth.

Discover Deloitte


Designed from the ground up, Discover Deloitte is a bespoke fit for purpose digital platform that includes fresh, entertaining and bite-sized content, campaigns and interactive challenges, designed to appeal to its media-saturated target audience.

Specifically, it included:

  • Nudges – Two way SMS conversation flows
  • Pulse Checks – Ensure admin is completed and help bridge the ‘communication gap’ between Day 0 and Day 1

  • Packs – Spaced micro learning’ delivered straight to new joiners’ phones
  • Knowledge Wallet – A personalised ‘Pinterest for learning’ on which to add favourite items
  • EMILIE – Intelligent chat-bot functionality
  • User Generated Content – To capture supportive, friendly feedback from previous new joiners
  • To Do Lists – 2,100 active users have completed 15,058 items.
  • Vibrant and rich content – films, graphic and animations that brought the journey to life.

Discover Deloitte


Qualitative feedback from new joiners indicated that DD was a key reason for choosing Deloitte over the other ‘Big Four’. The response to Discover Deloitte has been impressively positive across the firm, with firmwide requests to adopt the platform for use worldwide.

In ROI terms, Deloitte were able to realise about £300,000 worth of savings in the first year (2018) by replacing face-to-face training with the new digital experience.

DD was the first phase of a suite of digital transformation projects awarded to Tilt. Since its launch in July 2018, Tilt have created and delivered 8 other digital projects to Deloitte’s HR and Learning and Development business function and to date, have 21 projects in pre-production or production.

Winner of 3 Digital Impact Awards for Digital campaign of the Year, Best use of digital in the professional services sector and Best employee communications.


94% of its target audience chose to interact with this non-mandatory resource

90,000 unique site visits within the first 3 months. The audience was only 1500.

3,500 chatbot questions have been asked and answered by ‘Emilie’ the Discover Deloitte chatbot

Over 2,500 active users to date

2,500 tasks have been completed on the portal’s handy To Do list

3 x winner at the Digital Impact Awards 2019