Double Gold at the EVCOM Clarion awards.

13 Jul 22 Jonathan Malyon


Absolutely delighted that the Smashed Online project created in partnership with Diageo and Collingwood Learning scooped a double victory in the Education and Innovation categories.

The EVCOM Clarion awards celebrate true excellence across cause-driven corporate film, live events and experiences. Winning here means so much considering our purpose as an agency is to craft digital experiences that make a positive impact on people’s lives.

EVCOM Clarion Awards

Smashed Online is a life-changing educational experience designed to shift attitudes and understanding around alcohol for millions of young people, worldwide. Interactive, immersive and exciting, Smashed allows viewers to go inside the story and ask: what would I do differently?

The project, which helps Diageo bring to life part of their ambitious Society 2030 strategy, aims to change the behaviour of over 10 million people worldwide over the next 5 years, and it’s already on track to reach 500,000 people since launch. Live in 16 countries and rising. When surveyed, over 95% of young people said they’re less likely to drink underage after experiencing Smashed Online.

Want to find out what it’s all about? Check out our concept to impact video below.