Freelancers, show us your creative chops

10 Nov 23 Rachel Pearson


Are you a freelance thinker, maker or innovator?

This shout out goes to all the freelancers out there looking to use their creative super powers to do good things. To tell stories, build worlds, and change behaviours through meaningful digital experiences.

If this sounds like you, then guess what … we want to speak to you.


Well turns out making good things is ….err … good. So we need more good people. Who knew!

From coders, designers, copywriters and animators, through to filmmakers, strategists, project managers and technologists. We are on the lookout to forge new relationships with great people.

So if you:

  • love what you do. Seriously, we can tell.
  • get a kick out of big ideas.
  • love tech, but can stay human.
  • can express an idea verbally, and get people excited.
  • can express an idea in writing. Words are magic.
  • know that ideas are fragile. You need to fight to protect them.
  • can take on feedback to keep getting better.
  • don’t give up at the first sign of challenge.
  • believe in the power of creativity to create change…

…then why not pop along to the Tilt Studios on Thursday 18th January to introduce yourself.

Our heads of department will be there, with a smile on their face and an appletini in hand to shoot the breeze with you, check out your folios and most importantly listen.

Date: Thursday 18th January 2024
Time: 4:30 – 6pm
Location: We Are Tilt, 41 New England Street, Brighton, BN14GQ

Registration for this is now closed but do email if you’re interested in working with, or meeting us.