In celebration of Mother Earth Day

22 Apr 21 Admin


It's only fitting that we celebrate our very own Mother Earth, Mel, who is leading Tilt’s ethical ethos on this auspicious day…

Wall-E, the hit animated film showing rubbish everywhere on Earth, and one tiny little brave seedling that must be protected…

I hate it.

For me, it propagates the myth that we can push and push this earth, and then escape elsewhere.

Our journey is right here, right now.

Tech is not going to save the world. Kids are not going to save the world, nor is planting forests in economically viable places to assuage our worries.
All these things need to be a part of a unified human behaviour, with governments allied in change for the better. *Cue uplifting music*.

The defining moment for me was when I started to consider everything I held in my hand above a bin and think – is it really waste?

I felt like I was being set free to think differently. And it felt so fresh to be in charge of this whole new world of considerations and learning.

Here’s just a few reimagined ideas:

  • A lolly stick can become a compost or garden dibber.
  • An odd sock; ask if your charity shop takes stuff for textile recycling, or use as a (washable and reusable) cleaning rag.
  • Foil from chocolate packaging – stick it into a can, and recycle the lot!

Mother Earth Day

I’m pretty lucky to work with a bunch of people who are genuinely interested in continual environmental improvement, which helped us to win a waste management award from the Brighton arm of Paper Round, who are dedicated to transforming the future of resource management. We’ll also continue to keep adding to our catalogue of green suppliers, locally and further afield, for all our studio needs.

It’s not just grass roots stuff with us, though. We’re also helping companies, big and small, to change behaviours towards a more sustainable future for all. At the moment, that includes a huge climate campaign for a major professional services firm, and we’re also helping a charitable trust to raise awareness of the importance of renaturing. Here’s one green project we made earlier, which is well worth seven minutes of your time…

My hope is summed up in David Attenborough’s A Life on Our Planet: My Witness Statement and a Vision for the Future when he says: “We can yet make amends, manage our impact, change the direction of our development and once again become a species in harmony with nature.”