Website rebrand

Innovation Unit


The Brief

Innovation Unit felt that their existing website was not an accurate representation of their approach, personality and the work they are involved in. With no clear vision, an overload of information and confusing pathways to key content; they approached Tilt to help re-shape their online identity.

The Solution

Some work had been done internally to craft IU’s new vision and narrative. We further developed this identity and brought this to life in a new website that provided the tools needed to help develop a high impact and high value consultancy business, generating an annual surplus for investment.


Innovation Unit is a social enterprise based in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. They work internationally, applying disciplined approaches to develop new solutions and create impact at scale.

Through their projects and ventures they identify, create and scale evidence-based solutions, mainly focused on: children’s social care, learning and schools, healthy lives, early years and mental health.

This project couldn’t have happened without the team at Tilt. I’ve loved working hard together to bring this to life. You totally nailed it and I hope everyone at Tilt recognises that. Respect!

Caireen Goddard Director of Engagement & Communication