International Women’s Day

08 Mar 21 Jonathan Malyon


50% of the Tilt team are women.

This was not a conscious decision, rather an organic one - and over the years, as we sought to find people who excelled in their field, the team grew into that which you see today.

The women in our team are dedicated, passionate and highly motivated individuals. Their talent is recognised year-round as they use their skills to create a lasting positive impact. International Women’s Day is a day to recognise this amazing impact and the positive contributions of the women you know, as well as those you don’t.

With this in mind, we wanted to do a few shout outs:

  • Kudos to Nicola for project managing a film shoot across 10 different countries, including a 5-day film shoot last week amongst all the Covid chaos.
  • Kudos to Mel for supporting our team’s health and wellbeing during these challenging times.
  • Kudos to Sophie for bringing her signature style to our latest project for BBC Ideas.
  • Kudos to Sarah for spearheading a most excellent development team, who keep pushing boundaries on a daily basis
  • Kudos to Rachel for her amazing coding skills and for using them to bring to life our zany ideas.
  • Kudos to Laura for being the silent coding powerhouse, helping to write the logic that brings ideas to life.
  • Kudos to Linnea for using her immense organisational skills to keep the creative heard in check.
  • Kudos to Rose for her technical brilliance and understanding of extremely complex ecosystems.
  • Kudos to Emma for her energy, enthusiasm, passion and ruddy fantastic interpersonal skills.
  • Kudos to Luci for her unique UX insights that help make us think about things a little differently.
  • Kudos to Gabrielle for her loyalty, her determination and her grit.
  • Kudos to Matty for helping turn frowns upside downtime and time again with your jazz skat magic.
  • Kudos to Lou for her next-level strategic thinking, your drive and commitment.