Is This Our Black Mirror? – AI & Legislation

19 Apr 23 Rachel Pearson


Do we need to legislate artificial intelligence?

There is a very compelling argument that high-risk A.I systems need to have legislation put in place urgently. That’s because the rate of development is moving so damn fast, faster than we have time to assess and discuss the possible it’s impact, safety concerns and how they could change our way of life. We’re at risk of ending up in a real life Black Mirror episode if we don’t take the time to discuss boundaries and measures to avoid possibly irreversible and catastrophic events. 

The other side of this argument is that slowing down to allow legislation to catch up will hinder innovation. Those innovations could improve the quality of life and the health of so many people worldwide, so how ethical is it to slow A.I development when it could help people who urgently need it?

At our Tilt Talk in March, AI ethics expert and ex-human rights lawyer, Uthman Ali, explained this new legislation, how it’s come about and why it is so urgently needed. Here’s the film.

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