Judging the Digital Impact Awards

13 Jul 20 Jonathan Malyon


It's a pretty proud moment when you are asked by an awards body to judge what 'excellence in the field of digital impact' looks like.

The Digital Impact Awards seek to set the industry-wide benchmark in digital stakeholder engagement. In 2019 we walked away with a silver, gold and overall winner of Best Digital Campaign of the Year for our work with Deloitte UK. Off the back of this fantastic result the Digital Impact team reached out invited us to be part of their judging panel for the 2020 season.

Director Paul Mallaghan has stepped forward to represent Tilt’s views and is super excited to be part of a team that gets to decide upon what ‘excellence’ looks like in the field of digital impact. Paul is very hands on and can often be found kneeling next to designers, developers and animators, muttering something about script flow or the size of a call-to-action button. His knees do not thank him for this.

Aside from the pride of being asked, we are super excited to be able to prod, poke and play with the entries for the categories we have been asked to judge.

Here’s a link to the full list of Digital Impact Award 2020 judges