Learning vs Education

17 Mar 20 Jonathan Malyon


Will you remember what Nick speaks about in this Tilt Talks segment?

Well, that depends upon whether you are passionately interested in what he has to say - so are you?

In this excerpt author, psychologist and learning pioneer Nick Shackleton-Jones, talks about learning vs education and why education is ultimately an inefficient way to learn. We force feed people information in an attempt to expand minds, when in truth if someone actually cares about the topic, or it is relevant to a specific task they need to do … then learning will come naturally.

What can we learn from this? The brain retains the things that are interesting and relevant to us, but quickly discards things that are not. Let’s design learning experiences with this in mind – by thinking about the user first and always. Make it relevant, make them care, or make it useful.

So sit back, and let your brain soak up a few minutes of wisdom from the man himself … or just a Peaky Blinder lobbing marshmallows.