Leadership Legacy



The Brief

How can we ignite meaningful conversations at a global leadership summit about leadership legacy, what this means to you, and for BP. How do you hold the attention of some of the most influential decision makers within BP?

The Solution

Inspire, don't preach. Encourage people to think about their kind of leadership and what they could do to help leave a positive lasting legacy behind at BP for the future.


Each year, BP brings together its top 500 global leaders to discuss future strategy. One of the key topics at the last event was to set a new tone for leadership, encouraging long term thinking.

BP approached Tilt to create a keynote video for the event that would ignite conversation around this and how their decisions could help create a positive culture of change.

Our Approach

Root the key messaging in a success story that leaders can relate to, then use this to show how it applies to their roles at BP. Tell the story via a rich, beautifully crafted 3D visual experience that is both memorable, impactful and emotive. By blending together 2D, 3D and live action film, we told the story of Steve Job’s legacy, interspersed with BP leaders sharing their views on what makes a great leader

Rather than preaching to the team, we decided to take a different approach. Encourage people to think about their kind of leadership. How can they leave a positive legacy behind at BP for the future. By getting them to think about themselves in this way, we set the scene of leaders to think more strategically about the positive decisions they make within BP.

I love this! It’s a fab piece of work and I feel really proud to have played a part in creating something with this level of impact. Thanks all.