Let's talk about sex

Open University


The Brief

How do you stamp out the stigma around sexuality, disability and life-limiting illness while empowering those affected?

The Solution

Create a series of honest, compelling, personal first-person stories about love, sex, relationships, told by young people impacted by disability and life-limiting conditions.


Our Approach

There’s a real need to normalise conversations around sex, disability and life-limiting illness; it is a subject that isn’t often talked about or well-understood despite the fact it affects a wide and diverse demographic.

Working with Elucidat, who provided the interactive design and technical input, we made four films focusing on the experiences of young people with disabilities and life-limiting conditions.

Tom and Charlotte talk about how they make their relationship work; we hear how Chloe supports her sister, Leah, in having a fulfilling sex life; Junior’s fight for privacy and Lucy and Amy discuss the importance of the right sort of sex education. These stories bring to life the difficulties and victories surrounding love, sex and relationships for those profoundly affected by disabilities and life-limiting illness; these films inform and raise awareness in an engaging, poignant and uplifting way – an absorbing combination.

The audio-visual content you produced was fantastic. Thanks to all of you who worked hard on this amazing project, and for your vision.

Georgia Axtell-Powell Online Project Producer (OpenLearn)