Lockdown Laps

05 Nov 20 Jonathan Malyon


Energising the body and mind during lockdown ... and doing a little good in the process.

As we plunge headfirst back into lockdown, it would be easy to simply shut ourselves off from the world. Striving to stay motivated, energised and united, the team at Tilt has committed to an initiative called “Lockdown Laps”.

Each week we will run, walk, ride and swim our favourite outdoor routes and log them using Strava to achieve our weekly activity total.

At the end of each week, we will tally up the total amount of collective miles logged by all Tilters, and convert those miles to ££££, with 1 mile equating to £1. Each week we will ask a member of the Tilt team to nominate a chosen charity who will receive the donation.

Energise your body, energise your mind and do a little good in the process.

Activity for the current week.

The next Lockdown Laps challenge starts on Monday 11th January.

// ————— THE NOVEMBER LOCKDOWN ————— //

RESULTS – WEEK SIX: 7th – 13th Dec
The challenge set to the team this week was a simple yet powerful one – exceed 200 miles logged and Jon Malyon (Managing Director) will pop on some trunks and take a chilly dip in the ocean. The challenge was set by Jon himself in order to raise money for the Chichester Neo Natal unit that has provided life saving care for his 2 daughters that were born prematurely.

Motivated by a shared love of babies and a sadistic need to ensure their MD took a cold plunge, the team surged past the weekly goal, and achieved a fantastic 219.80 miles; equating to £219.80 for the Love your Hospital charity.

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RESULTS – WEEK FIVE: 30th – 6th Dec
Week five shall henceforth be known as ‘the week the weather turned on us’. We were plagued by rain, hail, bitter northerly winds and freezing temperatures. Still the team dug deep and tapped into their inner Wim Hof in an attempt to keep their bike wheels turning and their running legs moving.

The challenge last week was to take the ‘best picture from atop a hill’. Managing Director Jon went for glory early by hiking off into the night across the South Downs National Park, in an attempt to capture a ‘dark skys‘ photo. Unfortunately he was plagued by clouds on the day in question, which pathed the way for Lou to claim victory with some fantastic shots from her weekend hike over Birling Gap.

With a total of 158 miles logged for the week, Lou has chosen to donate the full £158 to the Survivors Network.

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RESULTS – WEEK FOUR: 23rd – 29th Nov
Week four you magnificent bastard! An increase of 37 miles from the previous week saw us net 260 miles in total, which converts to £260 for charity.

Inspired by Strava Art, the challenge this week was to create art with your exercise. Two clear winners emerged with one fantastic horse (inspired by a real life drawing from our MD) and a majestic dolphin being mapped out via GPS. Therefore the pot has been split between both Dan Evans and Melanie Yates respectively.

Dan Evans has been chasing glory all month long and is finally delighted to be able to donate £130 to Middle Street Primary School.

Melanie’s horse was a thing of beauty and has chosen to split her donation with £65 going to Cool Earth and £65 going to the Brighton Retired Greyhound Trust.

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RESULTS – WEEK THREE: 16th – 22nd Nov

Week three was a tale of two halves. A busy project board led to a slow start to the week, however momentum quickly picked up as people craved the energising benefits, mindfulness and creative inspiration that the great outdoors can bring, both urban and lost in the wild. The week ended with a whopping 223.2 miles logged, equating to £223.20 for charity.

The criteria for this weeks winner was based on the person who made the biggest % increase in distance logged. Resident developer Rachel swopped in with a whopping 19.1 miles logged and has decided to split the pot between Fareshare Sussex and Beat Eating Disorders; with each receiving £111.60 in donations.

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RESULTS – WEEK TWO: 9th – 15th Nov

Pumped from the previous week, the team kicked off week two with some impressive early entries. The challenge this week was to take the most ‘creative picture’ while out and about on walkabout, with the winner getting to choose the charity to donate to.

Sophie Robehmed took victory this week with some fantastic shots of her wander around Littlehampton. You can see one of her pictures below, along with some from the rest of the team below. The cumulative total for the team effort this week was a whopping £179 for charity, which Sophie chose to split between three charities:

Lockdown Laps

RESULTS – WEEK ONE: 2nd – 8th Nov

A fantastic start to the Lockdown Laps initiative with a total of 149.7 miles achieved across the business. This converts to £149.70 for charity, which this week has been nominated by the team as Ochre; formed to promote awareness of oesophageal cancer amongst the public, professionals, politicians and patients.

Ivor Sims took poll position with a last minute ride from Brighton to Worthing and back. Kudos! The team has been sharing photos of their time out in the sun all week, with a small selection shared below.

Lockdown Laps