Look through The Lens

07 Feb 23 Rachel Pearson


Last week we became the recipient of not one, not two, not three, but FOUR filmmaking awards at The Lens Awards for ‘Smashed’. The Lens Awards are an annual event that recognizes the best work in visual and strategic storytelling across various categories.

We’re bloody proud of what we have achieved with ‘Smashed’. We’ve reached over 800,000 young people with films that have an impactful message about the dangers of underage drinking. That alone is worth its weight in gold, but to win 3 actual gold awards (and a silver!) for the project is a testament to the hard work and creativity that runs thick in Tilters veins.

Oh go on then, we’ll do a rundown of the awards we won:

  • Best Use of Video to aid CSR: Gold
  • Best long-term video strategy: Gold
  • Best creative strategy: Gold
  • Best use of video from the food and beverage sector: Silver

Read a list of all the other amazing winners.

What does it all mean?

These four awards are due to the exceptional talent, passion, and expertise of all teams involved. We have a long history of delivering impactful digital experiences that drive results clients care about while effecting positive change in our societies.

With the rise of digital media, the artistry of filmmaking has become increasingly critical to compelling audiences and have lasting traction. ‘Smashed’ resonating worldwide is proof of that. People respond to meaningful, informed storytelling that doesn’t pull any punches. Gripping, well-crafted stories created with technical excellence and genuine care win awards and change attitudes.

See the full ‘Smashed’ case study.

These awards serve as a recognition of our commitment to delivering creative, impactful, and results-driven projects for clients who have big things to achieve. As the creative industry continues to evolve, we’ll remain at the forefront, delivering darn good work that helps brands connect with audiences and achieves their goals. Just see if we don’t!

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