Rebranding Sussex Meatshare

11 Dec 23 Rachel Pearson


How we created a brand that gets to the heart of this sustainable box scheme.

The meat box scheme by The Brighton & Hove Food Partnership aims to cut out the unsustainable (and often cruel) cog in the meat industry. The box scheme promotes exceptional animal welfare, regenerative practices and provides the farmers with a fair price for their meat.

It is widely believed that agriculture and livestock farming are the biggest contributors to deforestation, biodiversity loss, soil pollution and water use. Because of this, and our charity partnership with the organisation, we couldn’t think of a better project to offer our pro bono branding expertise to.

Dig into the project…

What was the challenge?

The ethical debate around eating animals is centuries old. In recent years, however, the conversation has been dramatically expanded by mainstream awareness of the environmental impact of industrial livestock production. Current meat production methods are outdated and unsustainable with the levels of consumption pushing nature and global food systems to the limit.

Sussex Grazed is on a mission to change the current food production and delivery cycle. Born in and around the South Downs, The Food Partnership is working with landowners, farmers, residents and food businesses to run collection/delivery hubs for a meat share scheme that aims to supply animals that have been conservation grazed on local chalk grassland.

However, their existing identity and name ‘Meatshare’ did not effectively communicate this vision and the breadth of the business, so we set about giving them a new identity.


What steps did we take to approach the challenge and meet the need?

A strategy phase and multiple visits to the South Downs enabled us to get insights from the people that work, live and experience the land. Workshops with stakeholders revealed that conservation is fundamentally important to the future of the Downs and livestock – the environment needs these animals. From this phase we landed on a few key findings: it’s as much a campaign as it is a brand, the chalklands diversity makes it a European rainforest, they want to change the way food is farmed in the UK, they want to be friendly facilitators.

The next stage of the strategy involved naming the brand, which encompassed all of these findings. We hosted internal workshops, and brainstorming sessions which we later whittled down and pitched to the client. They chose the name Sussex Grazed.

Rolling out the strategy to the visual identity, we created a vibrant highly adaptable branding system that reflects the organic diversity of the South Downs.


How was Tilt uniquely suited to the challenge?

We thrive when we’re working on projects rooted in positive societal purpose – from helping Diageo change attitudes towards drink-driving to explaining the science of love for the BBC. Creating and enjoying this type of work has led to us organically attracting a wealth of CSR and ESG projects that aim to do something bigger than just selling for the sake of profit. We can even back all of this up with our certified B-Corp status.

All of this paired with award-winning, in-house creative and brand design expertise made us perfectly suited to the challenge.



Creative ‘Chops’

To carry the brand vision, we developed a visual language for the brand. The font ‘Wilden’ is used for its approachable yet bold aesthetic. It has a rough organic feel, but is highly legible, giving impact without being harsh. This is complemented by a colour palette inspired by the biodiversity of the South Downs; vibrant, high-contrast colours, natural tones, and vibrancy to create a distinctive and recognisable personality.

At the heart of the rebrand is the new logo system. We worked with our in-house illustrators to push the brand narrative, creating a suite of custom illustrations that spotlight the brand’s nature and help to visualise the species that inhabit the Downs. The illustrations lighten the brand and give it a layer of warmth, accessibility and charm. 

Visit the Sussex Grazed page on the BHF website

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