Website Rebrand

Roffey Park


The Brief

How can we better portray this world-class learning institute and inspire people to discover courses that will help them grow professionally?

The Solution

Create a website that truly embodies this institution. Roffey Park provides personalised solutions to individuals and groups, challenging the norms of traditional executive learning. We wanted to create a website that implicitly demonstrated this through a bold display of content and a confident and contemporary look and feel.

Roffey Park Institute



The Roffey Park website had grown tired, bloated and lacked visual impact. The Roffey team recognised this and enlisted Tilt to bring about a renaissance of their site – something that would truly reflect and embody their innovative professional development approach.

Through research and insights, we quickly discovered that visitors were struggling to find content because of poor navigation and a search function that was less than optimal. Pages were often lengthy and hierarchy was poor. All making for a less than inspiring visit.

Early on in the project we recognised that Roffey Park were very different to their competitors, offering profession development training that is truly tailored to the individual.  Understanding this, helped us to shape a look and feel that sets  them apart.

Through a series of guided workshops we were quickly able to draw up user personas and gain a solid understanding of how their audience would use the site, what they were looking for; and finally what they might find difficult within the existing site. We rebuilt the page hierarchy and introduced advanced search functionality that allowed us to surface the most useful and relevant information as quickly as possible. Pages lengths were reduced and we designed a bold content hierarchy that helped visitors find information quickly and easily, no matter how much time they had.

The result is a website that is a real statement for a global institution that has been challenging the perception of what a learning establishment is for over 60 years.

Roffey Park Institute