The Essence De Parfum Collection

Roja Parfums


The Brief

Portray the unique personalities behind each fragrance while creating an overarching theme for the collection.

The Solution

A 90-second 3D motion compilation of the seven fragrances, visualising each scent’s individual character and personality.


Roja Parfums wanted to mark the launch of The Essence De Parfum Collection with a promotional video capturing the new fragrances.

Using animation, it’s possible to create a feel that is miles away from what you can achieve in real life.

Luxurious silk wrapping around bottles, petals exploding, embers burning. If you can imagine it, it can be built.

The solution

Conveying a scent through a visual medium, and doing it justice is a challenge. In order to spark the audience’s imagination, we needed to find the elements that truly symbolises what the collection is about.

We worked closely with the Roja Parfums team to understand the thinking behind each fragrance. Through the art of lighting, texturing and grading, we worked our way towards perfection, a petal at a time.

Using bespoke, composed, sound design to enhance the mood for each parfum, the 90-second 3D animation sits alongside both digital and print posters to showcase the new collection.

Planning is key to any project. Due to the technically complex nature of the assets featured in this animation for example, glass, silk, diamonds, it was important that we got it right from the beginning. The components needed to be tactile as possible, which in turn meant that rendering would be time consuming.

Cinema 4D and OctaneRender® were our staple tools; compositing and VFX were kept down to a minimum by getting as much done ‘in-camera’ as possible.

Roja Parfums Roja Parfums

“I am thrilled to have been able to commission Tilt for a new project of mine – both artwork and animation to launch a new collection of perfumes.

My team had nothing but a great time working with the Tilt team and the finished product is beyond stunning. A perfect service from beginning to end, where the creative team produced some unbelievable visuals, as the whole was perfectly project-managed by Linnéa.

Thank you so much for bringing my vision to life!”

Roja Dove Director