Creating a shared ESG mindset



The Brief

How can we communicate what Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) means to KPMG, bringing to life the fire and passion that the company has to become a global leader in this area and why it’s important, to exhilarate employees, clients, and new talent alike.

The Solution

Highlight how ESG is more than just a score - it's a shared mindset that inspires change. Speak to the beauty and fragility of our 'one blue marble' and take viewers on an immersive journey of discovery into how KMPG are helping create a better, fairer world for all.


The values, messaging, and importance of ESG has been building momentum across KPMG and society in general; to support this growth, KPMG has been building out a portal for ESG, providing an invaluable space to learn more.

Tilt previously created a teaser piece for the ESG team that explains what each area stands for — and since then, the ESG team identified a need for an overarching film that ties all of their content together and approached us to make a film that will inspire people, providing an entry point into KPMG’s ESG story and the impact that KPMG is having in this arena.

This film plays a crucial role, acting as the first step on someone’s journey into ESG, whether that’s the first step on a learner’s pathway, or an initial engagement with a client.

Our Approach

We made this film in a state-of-the-art virtual production studio in London, which is what makes it stand apart visually from anything that we’ve ever made before. Anything is possible with virtual production; you soon realise that when, within the opening scenes, we see John McCally-Leacy effortlessly move from the deep jungle to the moon, space-suited and booted, in a matter of seconds.

Virtual production is a giant leap forward from the green screen; rather than acting as a huge backdrop and ambient lighting scheme, the 3D environment on the LED wall instantly reacts to the movement of the studio camera, tricking the eye into thinking that what we are seeing is real, and giving it vivid depth and perspective.

The results? A stunning, immersive, and versatile storytelling device that seamlessly fuses together with elements of motion, stock footage, and studio cutaways to bring KPMG’s ESG story to life.

John is an engaging speaker, who is at ease in the presenter chair; he was the natural choice to front this film. He delivers a strong, emotive message to camera that, although conversational in style, invites viewers to reflect on the urgency of their actions and the impact that it can have on the world and the future of business. In the final scene, John is joined by ESG colleagues to ask, “Are you with us?” We see him holding the ‘blue marble’ — earth — that opens the film; this motif acts as a through line and an evocative call to employees to step up and make positive changes for the sake of society and ultimately, humanity.