Think Inclusion



The Brief

How can we help encourage people to be mindful of their everyday interactions with colleagues, so that they contribute towards a better BP for all?

The Solution

Share real stories from peers who have experienced both inclusive and non-inclusive behaviour; and the impact this has had on them. Then explain how we think, how we make decisions, and the unconscious biases that plague us. Explain how we can take action, encourage people to ‘think inclusion’ by making a series of small behavioural changes that when added together – have a big impact.

Think Inclusion Montage


BP has a diverse workforce of 60k+ worldwide and is recognised by Stonewall as a Top 100 inclusive employer (51st). In 2013, Tilt helped bring to life their Inclusive Leadership strategy that sought to help leaders build inclusive teams by recognising ingrained behavioural biases.

Building on the success of this initiative, BP approached Tilt to re-focus this digital resource so that it spoke to all employees, rather than just leaders; and helped to encourage inclusive behaviour across all aspects of the business.

Think Inclusion
Think Inclusion

This experience deserves some high praise for the work that has gone into it. It’s a really useful piece of tuition and guidance for anyone regardless of their past expertise or place in the company today.

Well Done! Its first class, and is grass roots to greater understanding and building to being an even better company in the future.