Max Tyrie

What it takes to be a Hollywood Animator

07 March 2019

Whether you’re a VFX fan, an undergraduate or an experienced post-production industry professional, you’ll have loved our talk from the brilliant two-time BAFTA winning animator, Max Tyrie.

Until recently, Max was working for Sony Pictures Imageworks at their studios in Los Angeles and Vancouver, supervising animation teams on more than 25 major motion pictures, including “The Amazing Spider Man 1 & 2”, “Alice in Wonderland”, and “Kingsman: The Golden Circle”. He now works as Head of 3D Animation and VFX at Chichester University.

Tilt spent an evening with Max to talk about all things VFX. He showcased his work, discussed his creative process and revealed what it takes to become part of an A-list studio crew and lead award-winning animation teams in a notoriously competitive industry.

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