1 Million+ Underage Drinking Attitudes

15 Sep 23 Rachel Pearson


SMASHED Online, our interactive alcohol awareness program created with Collingwood Learning has reached over 1 million young individuals worldwide and changed attitudes to drinking!

With a pull, not push approach, SMASHED Online presents an interactive story that resonates with young individuals, emulating the content they choose to watch. Instead of criticising lifestyle choices, (boo!) the program focuses on decision-making, empowering young people to make informed choices about alcohol consumption (yey!)


How was SMASHED Online brought to life

To create an immersive and relatable experience, SMASHED Online features a tonally and visually authentic portrayal of life. The story revolves around three teenagers navigating their way through life and facing critical moments involving underage drinking. The real learning for participants emerges from these characters’ conversations and the decisions they make. We used handheld filming techniques because we know that they draw audiences in and decided to include interactive social media snippets to further embed the learning experience. 

The interactive film clips, a key component of the learning experience, have been designed to resonate with the audience. For instance, vertical character clips mimic the format of mobile phone footage, adding a sense of familiarity and authenticity.

Addressing the challenge of portraying drunk characters responsibly, SMASHED Online ensures that the consequences of inebriation are accurately depicted without glamourising or promoting harmful behaviour. Various methods were tested, including the use of camera rigs such as the SnorriCam and visual effects like crystals and kaleidoscope balls to simulate alcohol-induced blurry vision.


For the win!

This global initiative has set ambitious goals, and SMASHED Online is actively recreating the learning experience across multiple countries to suit their cultural norms. By tailoring the content to each market, the program becomes culturally relevant, ensuring maximum impact and resonance. Currently live in over 30 countries, the initiative continues to expand its reach, with new markets being added regularly. 

The impact of SMASHED Online is evident, with over 1 million young people worldwide benefiting from the program. An astounding 72% of participants reported being less likely to engage in underage drinking after experiencing SMASHED Online. The program’s innovative approach and profound influence have been recognised with prestigious accolades, including Gold and Grand Prix awards for innovation, impact, and creative strategy at the Digital Impact Awards, EVCOM Clarion, Cannes Corporate, and The Drum Awards.


The future

Collingwood Learning, Diageo and us lot over at Tilt remain dedicated to the mission of SMASHED Online, committed to empowering young individuals worldwide with the knowledge and tools to make responsible decisions regarding alcohol consumption. Together we’re striving to empower a generation with an understanding of the risks associated with underage drinking, fostering safer and healthier communities.

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