Good Is For The Winners

02 Nov 23 Rachel Pearson


During the days where we see terms like ‘polycrisis’ coined, it’s nice to counteract the focus on negative news with positive news. So...

Here’s The Tilt Impact Report

Our report welcomes the curious backstage. No fancy jargon, no beating around the bush. Just a heart-to-heart on how we’re trying to match our daily grind with our bigger goals for this incredible planet and its people.

When we discovered the B Corp movement, we were motivated to formalise our commitment and drive to do better business and join with other companies and organisations who were on our wavelength.

A part of the commitment to B Corp is producing an annual Impact Report.

We took great pride and pleasure in going ‘Tilt Style’ in the creation of our very first Impact Report and many of our passionate Tilters got involved to bring forth what we can now share with the world.

Download our B Corp Impact Report 

If you’re looking to create a report, B Corp or otherwise, with as much or even more pazazz as our own then get in touch with Emma to discuss your brief.


What is a B Corp Impact Report?

A B Corp impact report is an annual report that certified B Corporations must complete to transparently measure and report their performance and overall social and environmental impact. The purpose of the report is to provide a review of how well the company is meeting its sustainability and social responsibility standards and goals.

Impact reports should contain several sections that delve into different aspects of a company’s operations and impact.

This broadly means including sections on:

  • Governance
  • Workers
  • Community engagement
  • Environment
  • Customers

Within these sections, B Corps should provide information and, ideally, data on things such as emissions, employee benefits, charitable giving and activity, supply chain monitoring and customer satisfaction.

Overall, a rigorous impact report works to validate and enhance B Corp certification and make your company better both in its impact on the environment and the people who work there.

Get in touch if you’d like our designers to get their imaginative hands on your upcoming impact report!