Bark for Bins

01 May 24 Rachel Pearson


Our studio pups are representing We Are Tilts many recycling bins to support the next step in our quest to net zero.

Bark for Bins

Net zero means achieving a state where human activities result in no net release of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
To reach net zero, we all need to drastically reduce emissions from activities like burning fossil fuels for energy. Any remaining emissions must also be balanced by removing an equivalent amount of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

The goal of net zero emissions is to stabilise the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and limit further global warming and climate change. Many countries and organisations have pledged to achieve net zero emissions by around the middle of this century to mitigate the worst impacts of climate change. Becoming a zero waste studio is one of the steps we’re taking in our quest to one day also be net zero too. It’s a long journey but an important one.

Telling the Story of Zero Waste with Pawsome Design

This May we’ll be sharing our 13 custom designed recycling bin labels on social media. Each of these designs feature one of our beloved studio pups from the past and present, representing one of We Are Tilts many recycling bins.

We look into the big, trusting eyes of our canines teammates and know that we have a responsibility to protect the world for them as well as us more human folk. Rufus, Max, Wookiee, and the whole pack have become the furry faces that hold us accountable for putting our batteries, flexible plastics, pill casings, and more in the right bin so that this trash can be reincarnated rather than floating on an island of rubbish in our oceans.


“Eddie makes me a better human every day. I believe dogs are so good for people because they repeatedly pull us back to nature, which of course reminds us to take care of it. We need them way more than they need us.”

– Emma de Polnay, Tilt Business Development Manager

Take a look through our gallery of environmentally conscious waggy friends and feel free to download and use any to further their cause beyond Tilt HQ!

Fred recycling pill packets

Ernie the crisp packet bin dog

Why so many bins?

What we can recycle, we should recycle.

Our B Corp DNA compels us to do everything in our power to make our planet a healthier place to be. So our Head of People and Culture, Mel, has worked hard to facilitate a way to recycle every possible recyclable thing. Big thanks to Recorra for enabling a lot of these green studio vibes!

We’ve got bins to recycle:

Crisp packets
Clean cellophane
Small toiletries
Print cartridges

And our quest for being a zero waste studio is on the way to being accomplished. Talk to us about how we’re doing it.