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The Brief

How can we build a more productive and continuous learning culture within the Deal Advisory function and across KPMG? The learning team at KPMG wanted to radically transform the way learning is delivered to the Deal Advisory and across the firm. We were tasked with coming up with a way to engage people in the mission: to approach learning with the right mindset.

The Solution

Why not introduce the idea of continuous learning with a concept that sparks genuine curiosity in the viewer? We all start out curious; the question is, how do you #staycurious? This campaign hook was designed to actively promote the idea of continuous learning as the foundation for a growth mindset, and the key to any successful strategy for navigating the modern world.


KPMG wanted a campaign and launch piece to help reinforce the mindset of a continuous learning culture. They wanted employees to understand that learning is life-long, and a growth mindset can take you to exciting new places, help foster innovation and prepare you for a constantly shifting landscape. In fact, for colleagues in the DA, curiosity, collaboration and connection are key to growth and development, opening new opportunities to provide cutting edge insight for their clients.

Initial research had revealed that employees were unsure what learning opportunities were available to them, where to go for resources, and how much time they should be spending on learning. Combined with the challenge of the new hybrid working reality, the learning landscape had become fractured and misunderstood.

We needed to devise a simple message, to be told in an engaging way, and to be delivered across and pique interest on their internal comms channels.

Our Approach

We wanted to lead the campaign with a striking key asset – a short, high-impact film evoking wonder, curiosity and a willingness to learn. There are few things more curious and wondrous than the cosmos, and so we asked charismatic space scientist, communicator and broadcaster, Maggie Aderin-Pocock, to present our film, from Winchester planetarium. This inspiring backdrop gave us the perfect visual signifier of thought – the vastness of space to be curious, to contemplate and to learn.

We started the film with an idea which, if you haven’t come across it before, is somewhat mind-blowing: the fact that no deck of cards has never been shuffled in the same order ever, anywhere in the world. Not once… since the beginning of time – it’s a mathematical certainty that no sequence of the 52 cards in a deck has ever been repeated.

The piece follows on from this fascinating factorial to explore how the ideas of curiosity and discovery should carry through to working life, and the way we think of learning – emphasising the sheer scope of open discovery.

To enhance the campaign we provided KPMG with a range of supporting assets for social comms, such as content and images for Yammer posts, and teaser trailers to generate curiosity for the main piece.

With the core theme of the campaign centred around the idea of being curious, we followed this approach by teasing the audience with some more extraordinary fact questions such as, ‘How many miles until you reach outer space?’, ‘Can you really taste garlic with your feet? and ‘What colour is snow on Pluto?’.

The set of questions and answers were designed to show the audience the joy that can be had from being curious: written to surprise and delight, and make readers chuckle at the weirdness of the universe. The posts then lead the audience to the wider campaign and the film, to bring focus back to the Deal Advisory Business School.

This campaign created a 320% increase in site traffic, helping to put learning right at the core of our employer value proposition, truly creating a culture of learning.

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