Customer Experience Excellence Event



The Brief

How can we breathe life into KPMG’s annual Customer Experience Excellence Event, while demonstrating that companies who adopt AI, significantly outperform their peers?

The Solution

"Say Hello To Your AI Colleague" an immersive and inspiring experience that demonstrates the opportunities that AI represents, while giving KPMG's report the level of kudos and awareness it deserves.


Today’s customers require impactful experiences – and KPMG’s audience base is no different. This event had to stand out, enabling attendees to experience AI in action, while bringing to life the report’s proposition “Say hello to your new AI colleague”.

Rather than creating your average B2B networking event, we took the key themes from the report and turned them into an immersive, theatrical experience, equipped with our own AI colleague called “Betta”.

Throughout the evening Betta directed the show while interacting with actors, which included our very own Paul Mallaghan representing a master of industry, “Richard ‘Rich’ Harrison”.

Consider the six

Like the attendees in the room, Richard has been invited to join “The Six”, a secret club linked to the CEE report’s Six Pillars of Customer Experience. The pillars provide a clear guide on how best to maximise AI opportunities within an organisation and are a key differentiator in the marketplace.

Mirroring the position of guests at the event, Richard sees the opportunity AI represents but he wants a greater understanding of its potential pitfalls and whether it will really make things better for his customers and organisation.

To explore these views in an engaging format actors circulated the room representing “the voice of progress” and “the voice of doubt”. Throughout the evening they shared their views as AI avatars and a deep fake of a KPMG employee (to the surprise of our guests!).

We wanted to ensure that the themes had a clear correlation to our guests’ roles, so KPMG’s AI experts were on hand throughout the evening to explore the possibilities the technology could bring to their business.

An iconic landmark for the Industrial Revolution

The event was set within the famous Battersea Power Station Control Room A, an iconic landmark that symbolises the evolution of technology, a meaningful backdrop for discussing the transformational potential of AI.

It also created a stunning backdrop for us to undertake interviews and capture a range of communications assets that could be used throughout the year, maximising our client’s ROI from the event.


Timing was also a key factor. The event had to align with the release of the CEE report and work around blockers in clients’ calendars in the run-up to Christmas. This limited our timescale and meant that we had to ideate, organise and produce the event in two and a half months.

KPMG - Customer Experience & Excellence KPMG - Customer Experience & Excellence


76% attendance rate against a 30% benchmark

1/3 guests committed to post-event meetings providing excellent ROI

Outstanding attendee and client feedback

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for what you pulled off last night and in fact for the way in which you’ve all engaged with us throughout the concepting and planning stages. It was a stunning success and created the outcomes we had hoped for – high impact and memorable, high production values reflecting our brand, brilliant choreography and scripting, all resulting in an event that really made us stand out from the crowd in a bold and innovative way. Feedback from KPMG partners and guests is already great.”

Dr Martin Herbert Director, Customer & Operations