Change is not created with more of the same

17 Nov 23 Jonathan Malyon


On Wednesday evening, in collaboration with KPMG UK, something pretty darn special took place.

We helped bring to life into their recently published customer experience research, which highlights how organisations adopting AI into their day-to-day operations are performing better than their peers.

So what did we do?

We took their report and turned it into an immersive, multi-media theatrical experience, with a talking AI presence that interacted with thespians (such as our very own Paul Mallaghan as a ‘master of industry’).

Set within the epic location of the famous Battersea Power Station, it genuinely was an event to remember.

One of our mantras is to ‘heed the call to adventure’ and when great clients like KPMG UK are brave enough to walk the path less trodden, great things happen.

Change is not created with ‘more of the same’. So do things differently. And through our collaboration with all involved, we did just this.

We therefore extend the ‘highest of fives’ to all the stakeholders at KPMG who crafted this experience with us.

Was it a success?

Feedback has been pretty unanimous, with it even being described as an “Oppenheimer-level production” that Christopher Nolan would be proud of!