What Is COP? Illustrated Timeline

07 Nov 23 Rachel Pearson


Unsure of the extensive history of COP? Want to know enough to chat COP28 to friends, family, coworkers, clients and professionals? We got you…

For over 25 years, the annual Conference of Parties (COP) has assembled a cast of characters from around the world to perform on the climate action stage.

Tilt’s illustrated COP timeline charts its trials and triumphs through the years. From COP1’s role in delivering the Berlin Mandate through to COP21’s landmark Paris Agreement, each COP has progressed the plot toward a more sustainable future.

By documenting the winding road travelled so far in this illustrated timeline, we’re reminded that through cooperation, compromise and determination, we can still write a happy ending for our planet’s story.

Could each COP bring us closer to a sustainable future if we’re able to learn from the past and work together?