Data Camp



The Brief

How do we get bp's employees excited about a new data-learning platform?

The Solution

An imagined world where the character learns new skills on DataCamp then can see the world afresh through ‘data goggles’ adding a new layer of proficiency and meaning to their job role.


bp is transforming. They’re on a mission to become a customer-obsessed, product-led energy company, moving away from their heritage as an oil brand.

To meet the challenge of providing sustainable energy that’s affordable bp needs to go through a

rapid digital transformation. Part of this transformation is upskilling its workforce in new technology – making sure its people are highly data literate. DataCamp has the ability to upskill at scale so they are invested significantly in licences for this platform, and want to make sure people take advantage of this.

Our Approach

We told the story of the three key stage of data development from a beginner donning the ‘data goggles’ for the first time, to the expert effortlessly surfing through code, using playful characters and an energetic colour palette to excite and engage an audience in a topic that might initially feel a little daunting for the beginners. We knew from our research that we needed to focus on this group and the

intermediates, but we still wanted advanced data experts to use DataCamp as a tool to remind them and add to their confidence.

We utilised Yammer and bp’s public plasma screens to generate intrigue about the campaign before launching the full animation, using different messaging that spoke to the skill levels on digital posters, GIFs and animated cut-downs.

The Tilt team were a real pleasure to work with and brought some great creative ideas and demonstrated a real commitment to listening to the bp team, taking onboard our requests and creative feedback throughout the development process.

Orlando Clarke-Smith Future Skills & Learning Specialist