The Brief

How do you position KPMG as the number one trusted global experts in Environment, Social and Governance (ESG), and leverage greater uptake of KPMG products and services in the ESG arena?

The Solution

A series of visually impactful global adverts – each featuring a real KPMG SME placed within stunning Unreal Engine CGI environments.


In 2022, we worked with KPMG to create One Blue Marble – a film and global ad campaign, explaining how KPMG are leading by example as experts in the ESG field. It was filmed in a virtual production studio, marking a first for our client and perhaps their entire industry. Making use of Unreal Engine, the production featured a variety of real time 3D backdrops displayed on huge LED walls,  digitally transporting their Head of ESG to a range of awe-inspiring locations. The film was very successful in its purpose, providing a pleasing array of ROIs.

Over 8 million views later, forward-wind to 2023. It was time for a follow-up campaign to update the messaging, and explore KPMG’s ESG expertise a little more deeply. Spearheading their ‘Make the Difference’ campaign, the overall goals were to further position KPMG as leaders in the field, and to encourage engagement and uptake of KPMG products and services with key audiences. It was also important to communicate the message in a way that positions KPMG as being both people and tech-focused, while walking the talk in the production process to align with their ESG messaging.

KPMG naturally approached us again, to bring our creative expertise to the new campaign.


Our Approach

We worked with the client to identify four key topics to cover:

• Decarbonisation
• Transparency & Controls
• Climate & Nature
• Inclusion, Diversity & Equity (IDE)

The outputs were four adverts in various durations and formats. In a similar way to One Blue Marble, the importance of seeing real KPMG people in the films was clear: people’s expertise, in combination with the latest technology, is the way forward for business. This also plays into KPMG’s image of ‘honest, intelligent, approachable’; you’re meeting passionate KPMG people, as opposed to actors.

But how do you make punchy TVCs in this way, without them coming across as just another corporate talking head?

With a clear nod to the previous campaign, we turned to Unreal Engine to help transport our SMEs to far-flung, cinematic locations – each related to their specific ESG topic – without burning a drop of aviation fuel. The guiding visual principle for these CGI locations is ‘Earth’s natural landscapes’, which not only provides the metaphor for each film in a visually impactful way, but also acts as a continual reminder of our beautiful planet that ESG initiatives endeavour to protect.

To give an example, for the topic of Decarbonisation, we created a film entitled Time is Running Out. We open, tracking over the footprints of our KPMG SME as she walks through the wind-blown desert – a fistful of sand slipping away through her fingers. We’re saying a lot with very little: Think about your carbon footprints; Look where we could be if we continue on this path; We must act swiftly; The sands of business are shifting. And all beautifully relevant to the landscapes of the film’s COP 28 debut in the United Arab Emirates.

As the film progresses, our protagonist talks to camera and looks out over a breath-taking vista, where wind turbines and solar panels rise up from the sand of a desert oasis – KPMG inherently positioned right at the very centre of this vision of change for a brighter future.


At the scripting stage, we understood that the films must convey the urgency of the problem in a way that would motivate action within the target demographic, and instil a sense of ‘not getting left behind’. Overall we wanted existing and prospective new clients to understand that KPMG can help them navigate the complex ESG landscape to drive their ESG initiatives forward with confidence, and open up new business opportunities in the process.

The four films act as a suite, each following a similar narrative pattern. We begin by posing a question – for example, in the IDE film, Seeds of Change (which uses a flourishing wild-flower meadow as the metaphor), we ask, “Is your organisation an equitable ecosystem of talent?”. The centrepiece upon which each script is hung is a key statistic that signals how essential ESG is to each particular topic – implying ‘look, this is a no-brainer’.


Prior to filming, we produced extensive styleframes with the help of AI, through Midjourney. We then developed animatics in Unreal, incorporating Midjourney plates to maintain the look. These first draft Unreal environments gave us accurate lighting plans and camera movements to aid the cinematographer and visual effects technician in the lead up to the green screen shoot.



To align with the project scope, we made the call to film at a green screen studio as opposed to going back to the virtual production stage. There were some advantages to doing so, as follows:

  • It was quicker to get to production, with less need to create production-ready CGI in advance of filming.
  • We could dial back significantly on the kit and crew required.
  • It meant fewer pre-light/filming days.
  • There was no need for the scenes to be optimised to play in real time, with the added benefit of allowing Unreal backdrops to be developed to a much higher degree of realism.

Filming near KPMG’s London HQ, the 180-degree infinity green wall, against which the talent were to be filmed, was initially peppered with hundreds of green dot stickers for camera-tracking purposes. This allowed us to import tracked CGI cameras to our Unreal scenes that matched with the green screen footage to be keyed and overlaid.

In terms of the camera chosen for the job, we tried out the cutting-edge Ronin 4D. Its strange appearance is due to it being both a cinema camera and gimbal all in one unit. The almost magical, super-smooth footage (even when an operator sprinted with it held high above their head) eradicated the need for heavy grip equipment such as dollies and cranes, which can be time-consuming in their set-up.


There were many elements to factor in with the post-production workflow of these films – Unreal design and animation, camera tracking, keying, compositing, editing, grade, sound design etc. With many files requiring simultaneous collaboration and huge file transfers, we made the decision to take a cloud approach through use of Dropbox and Blackmagic Design Cloud.

Deliverables were in three different durations (30s, 15s and 6s) and two aspect ratios (16:9 and 1:1), with subs and without.

In conclusion, we feel the films really achieved the high aspirations we set for them. One of the things we love the most is realising a combination of high production advertising aesthetic, with a genuine and honest approachability – made possible by featuring real KPMG people. This really sets them apart.

The films were very well received by the client, and along with the wider ‘Make the Difference’ campaign – which has been harmonised in the tone and aesthetic – they are now being promoted across varying platforms around the world.

We Are Tilt We Are Tilt

“Thanks to all who worked on the films. We’re all really proud of the work. Whenever I present them to marketing colleagues and stakeholders, they’re wowed by how far we’re pushing the quality, emotion and impact.”

Adam Gill Senior Manager, Brand & Firm-wide Campaigns Lead