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Film / Motion

The Brief

How can we launch Vodafone’s new performance change initiative and engage employees in their training and goal-setting?

The Solution

A short and punchy trailer, delivered in under four weeks, that gets employees excited about their future progression opportunities, signposting them to the information they need.


Our Approach

Vodafone found that their employees were disengaged with their training and goal-setting programs because they didn’t feel connected to the wider purpose – they felt that their personal performance was separate from the company’s.

They were launching a new initiative to revamp the way employees worked on this development. We were engaged to create a short teaser trailer that would kick off the campaign, signposting their staff to the relevant resources and encourage them to find out more.

Create a trailer focussed on movement, energy and passion – not the usual corporate scenario of people at work. Using living text to illustrate the most impactful words and and fast-moving visuals, we created excitement and engagement around the campaign and helped employees to understand why their own performance and goal-setting matters.

The overall result is that employees understand the importance of the program to their future opportunities, they get a hint of what’s coming up and clearly understand where and when they can find the information they need.

“Delivering end-to-end creative from visual treatment, through to scripting, through to final delivery in just four weeks was an exciting challenge – working with the skilled team at Vodafone allowed us to achieve a high-energy and high-impact outcome on a tight turnaround. Thank you for your collaboration!”

Vodafone Account Manager We Are Tilt