Festival Trailer

Raindance Film Festival


The Brief

Can you create a post-Brexit London set in 2023 where the capital is severely dilapidated and all but deserted, oh, and can you do it in 3 days? .... this was the VFX brief we were given by the Raindance Film Festival team.

The Solution

Break out Tilt’s motion graphics team, combine them with vast amounts of coffee, deprive them of sleep and then use a magic combination of compositing, rotoscoping, 3D tracking and bespoke artworking.


Our Approach

Raindance Festival founder Elliot Grove was looking for a post production partner to help director Simon Hunter create a unique and impactful trailer for the 27th annual Raindance Film Festival.

The 2019 festival trailer concept was one of political satire in keeping with this year’s theme as well as “Special Guest Continent Europe”. It portrayed a dark vision of a futuristic London, with inspiration coming from classic British dystopian films like V for Vendetta and Children of Men.

Starting with 20 shots, we worked across several different VFX disciplines to track, composite, rotoscope and artwork each scene. In order to achieve the dystopian vision of London, we heaped on layers of grit, graffiti, posters, cracks, smoke and other features, then tracked them with either 2D, 3D or Planar tracking using both Mocha and After Effects.

Many hours were then spent rotoscoping out any roaming Londoners that happened to stray into shot, making use of masks and mattes to help us achieve that deserted London feel. Composite in some sparks, an explosion or two, board up a few windows and et voila.

Keep your eyes peeled for one or two cheeky Tilt ‘easter eggs’ as well as some hidden work around Buckingham Palace too!

Raindance Film Festival